Tue. Feb 7th, 2023

“Be Prepared to Kill” Modi …”: Big Controversy over Congress Leader’s Comment

“Such statements prove that today’s Congress isn’t Mahatma Gandhi’s Congress. This is the Congress of Italy that is plagued by a Mussolini mentality,” Home Minister Narottam Mishra told reporters.

Bhopal A senior Congress leader from Madhya Pradesh, Raja Pateria has created a major controversy after a speech where he exhorts his audience members to “kill” prime minister Narendra Modi if they want to “save” the Constitution. He then clarifies that”killing” is not a reference to “killing” the word he is using refers to “defeating” Modi, but this isn’t much help. The Congress faces a major protest amid Rahul Gandhi’s Bharat Jodo Yatra, with numerous BJP leaders demanding that Mr. Pateria’s arrest.

The Madhya Pradesh government has ordered an investigation by the police against Mr. Pateria who was an ex-state minister. Union ministers have described it as an “unpardonable offense”. The Chief of Staff Shivraj Singh Chouhan has been slamming Rahul Gandhi and said in the video: “The real face of people who claim to be doing the Bharat Jodo Yatra will be appearing.”

In his infamous remarks in his viral remarks, Mr. Pateria speaks to what appears an assembly of party members: “Modi will end elections, Modi will divide on the basis of caste, religion or language. The lives of tribals, Dalits, and minorities are at risk. If the constitution needs to be saved, then you must be prepared to take down Modi.”

In the next video In the next video, the Congress leader says that the phrase “murder” within his address signifies defeat. He claimed that he adheres to Mahatma Gandhi’s philosophy of non-violence and said it was essential in order to defeat Prime Minister Modi in the election to defend minorities.

The video was filmed in Pawai town in the Panna district.

Chief Minister Chouhan stated that the remarks exposed the Congress’s “real feelings”. “The revered PM Modi is a part of the hearts of people He is the source of admiration and the faith of all the country. Congress cannot stand up to the PM in an electoral fight, yet a Congress leader is talking about his death. This is the highest level of jealousy. This is a lot of hatred. Congress’s true sentiments have been exposed However, such actions will not be allowed to go on. An FIR has been recorded as is the law, and it will follow the course it wants,” the official said.

the Home Minister Narottam Mishra has demanded the Home Minister issue a First Information Report. “Such declarations show that the current Congress isn’t Mahatma Gandhi’s Congress. This is the Congress of Italy that is suffering from the Mussolini attitude,” he said.

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The Union Minister Pralhad Venkatesh Joshi described Raja Pateria’s comment towards the prime minister as “an inexplicably savage crime”. “Even in the case that Raja Patria declares himself mentally in a state of mental illness, he cannot escape the consequences of this crime. I appeal to that the authorities of Madhya Pradesh that immediate and rigorous action be initiated to prosecute Raja Pateria,” he declared in an appealing video.

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