Tue. Feb 7th, 2023

“People have spoken” Journalists Return To Twitter Following Elon Musk’s Poll

Accounts who doxxed my place will see their suspension lifted Tweeted Elon Musk. Musk

San Francisco: Elon Musk announced late on Friday that he will restore the Twitter accounts of journalists who were suspended following Elon Musk’s claim they had endangered his family members. “The people have been heard. Accounts that doxxed my address will see their suspension lifted immediately,” the Twitter owner tweeted.

Musk conducted an Twitter poll to find out if Musk should reinstate the accounts suspended now or within a week. A majority of 3.69 million people who participated suggested that he restore the accounts right now.

Musk was the target of anger as well as warnings from both the EU and the UN after he had suspended the accounts of a half dozen notable reporters from New York Times, CNN and the Washington Post.

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The latest controversy erupted with Musk on Wednesday revoked @elonjet, an account that was used to track the flight of his private aircraft.

Musk claimed the move was required following an incident that was in Los Angeles carrying one of his children was snatched by “a insane stalker” and appeared to blame the surveillance of his plane to be the cause.

Certain journalists had covered the incident, and tweeted which referenced the account suspended by @elonjet, which Musk declared to be “assassination of coordinates” against Musk as well as his relatives.

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