Tue. Feb 7th, 2023

World Cup organizer FIFA has turned down a request by Ukraine president Volodymyr Zelensky to send an appeal for peace in the world before the final match of the tournament in Qatar this Sunday. CNN reported.

According to the report the outlet, Mr. Zelensky was planning to send video messages to the fans at the Stadium in Qatar prior to the game but was shocked by the reaction. However. CNN reported discussions with Ukraine and the governing body of the sport are in progress.

It is worth noting that the Ukrainian President has frequently called for peace and support on the international stage at the cultural and political events of the government and events, including the Israeli parliament US Congressmen, the Grammy Awards, the Cannes Film Festival, and the G20 summit. Mr. Zelensky has also held interviews and discussions with a variety of entertainers and journalists like Sean Paul and David Letterman.

FIFA On the contrary has gone to extraordinary measures to keep political messages from its showpiece event in Qatar. As per CNN, the protests against Qatar’s policies towards LGBTQ individuals and migrants increased in the months before the World Cup. In response, FIFA boss Gianni Infantino unleashed a rage as well as blamed Europe as well as the United States for being hypocritical.

FIFA also barred participants from wearing rainbow armbands against discrimination and prohibited fans from wearing flags that are not associated with the teams playing and other political messages. However, the organizers of the world cup have allowed the Palestinian flag which is displayed mostly during the tournament.

In the meantime, Russia’s squad was disqualified from the competition following their invasion of Ukraine. Russian troops have been bombarding Ukraine with missiles in recent weeks, destroying infrastructure for energy in an apparent effort to stop the freezing of Ukrainians to a point of submission during winter.

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