Tue. Feb 7th, 2023

FIFA opens disciplinary case against Lionel Messi’s Argentina

Lionel Messi was among a World Cup record 17 players or coaches who were issued yellow cards either during or following the match.

FIFA has opened a disciplinary matter against Argentina for the conduct of its players in the aftermath of their violent World Cup quarterfinal match against the Netherlands.

The governing body for football has cited “order and security at games” in its code of conduct to charge with a violation of Argentina the football federation. Lionel Messi was among the World Cup record 17 players or coaches who received yellow cards either during or following the match.
In his remarks on Mateu Lahoz Messi was aware that he might be punished if did not criticize the official enough and backed off slightly.

“I do not want to speak about referees as they’ll be able to sanction you, but we were scared prior to the game because We knew exactly what was going to happen (with Mateu Lahoz,” Messi said.

“I don’t know what I think, however, FIFA must look into this.
“FIFA is unable to place a referee such as that in this game if they are not at the standards.”
Argentina coaches and substitutes encroached onto the field during the game became a battle during the final stages, as players from the Dutch scored two goals late to bring the game into extra time. There were intense confrontations on the field after Argentina took the lead in penalties in the shootout following the draw of 2-2.

Teams are often charged with misconduct for teams to receive five yellow cards during a game. Disciplinary cases were filed against Argentina as well as the Netherlands. Netherlands, FIFA said.
Both federations are likely to be hit with exactly the 15,000 Swiss dollar fine ($16,000) that FIFA’s discipline panel has imposed twice against Saudi Arabia at this World Cup for team-related conduct.
Argentina is likely to receive a higher fine for the separate disorder fee.

FIFA did not provide a timeframe for deciding on the verdicts, which are usually not released prior to the team’s next game during the World Cup.

Argentina plays Croatia in the semi-finals on Tuesday.

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