Grow your business by creating, building, and maintaining relationships

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Are you spending time, effort and lots of money on things that don’t bring a return on investment or steadily grow your business?

Each time you run an ad, you spend time putting it together and money to place it, with the hope that it will deliver a call. The ad usually has a shelf life of only a day or two or until the next newspaper comes out. You need to repeat the ad consistently to get your phone to ring, and that costs money.

Would you like to know how to grow your business by creating, building, and maintaining relationships with minimal money, time, and effort?

Grow Your Business 

I find that business owners don’t usually pay enough attention to creating and nurturing the relationships that they already have. Usually, when you look at your bottom-line, you’ll notice that most of your business is coming from existing clientele. When you do a great job, the satisfied client tells their neighbors about your company and your superior work. As a result, the neighbor calls you. This creates another job for you and grows your business while building a relationship.

The same thing happens with business owners who work cooperatively with other businesses. Let’s say you own a pressure washing company and you’ve have built a trusting relationship with a professional house painter. Every time that painter paints a house, he’ll need the exterior pressure-washed. Since he wants the homeowner’s house to look perfect and knows you deliver top-notch service, he may provide a referral for you. The painter has the opportunity to up-sell your service each time he paints a house. Your job is to nurture your business relationship with that painter.

This is your opportunity to grow your business by creating and building a solid relationship: Send out a follow-up email thanking him for his time, or thanking him for referring you. There are Internet programs available such as “Send Out Cards” and others that allow you to send it online. You don’t even have to go to the Hallmark store anymore!

Another great way to nurture business relationships is to follow-up by sending them a gift card. Let them know that you appreciate the work they are doing. Keep them happy and they will send you a lot more work!

At the end of the day, you will have spent very little money, time, and effort on something that is going to help grow your business substantially. You also avoid all the headaches associated with traditional ads. No more stress over when the ad will come out, no wondering if your phone is going to ring, and no worries that the hard work and money behind the ad is going to waste.

So, take the time to create relationships and grow your business. If you don’t get a lot of work from it right away, that’s OK. You are building relationships that are going to last a lifetime. It’s time and money well-spent!


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