How to Improve Domain Authority ( DA)

 What is The Domain Authority ( DA) & Improve Domain Authority

 The Domain Authority Metric Developed By MOZ, Which Measure 0 to 100. As Per Moz DA Is Important Ranking Factor If Your Website Has Good Domain Authority you can Ranks Rapidly In Google. However Google did not Said DA is the Ranking Factor.  

 How to Check Domain Authority

 For Shake Of Checking DA You Need To Visit Moz And Follow these step,

  • Visit
  • Find out Link Explore Form drop Down menu
  • Paste your Website URL into Give Box And Know About DA

 Pro Tips :

 For  Shake of Checking DA Add Moz Extension in your Google Chrome That Will Tell Your Website DA As Well As Another Website   too. 

 How to Increase / Improve  Domain Authority 

Now It Comes To Increase Website Domain Authority you Need To Follow These Strategy

 1. Link Building

 Link Building is Major Factor For Improving DA. You Need to Make back links With the Several big Website.

 If you Do Not Know How To Make High Quality Links Click Here,

 Follow These Link Building Strategies For Better Result,

  • Guest Blogging
  • Profile Link Building
  • Web 2.O Link 

 Work on these Link Strategies You Will Get Good Results. 

Domain Authority


 2. On Page Optimization  

 On Page Optimization is Essential For Shake Of DA. When You Write Content For Your Website You need To   Implement On page Factor In your Blog. That’s Google Love.

 3. Quality  Content  

 Create High Quality Content For Your User. If You Are Get High DA PA You Need To Write High quality Article. Do   not Copy Content From Somewhere Else Or Do Not Spin Content

 As Google not Like These Types of Content strategy

 4. Focus On Mobile Optimization 

 As Google Give different Ranking To Desktop and Mobile For Shake of Mobile Optimization you Need To Optimize   Your Content For Mobile.

  • Mobile Tips Optimizations Tips 
  • Use Responsive Themes
  • Use AMP ( Accelerated mobile Pages) 

 5.Remove Toxic Links

 If You Have Bad Or Toxic Links In Your Website then You Have to Remove From your Website. For Checking Your   Back links you Can Use Following Tools,

 Determine Bad Or Toxic Links And Remove All the Links Through Disavow Tool. When it Comes to Disavow Tool   This tool Develop By Google You Can use As Free. You Need To Type Disavow Tool in Google You Will Get   Interface. 

 6.Promote Your Content Through Social Media

 With the Help of Social Media you Can Have a Good Number of Audience As we Know That We have Large no Of   Audience in The Social Media. For More Audience You Need To Work on Social Media Platform Such As Youtube,   Facebook, Instagram.


 In This Particular Article  I Have told That how you can Improve your domain Authority And Page Authority Of Your   Website With the Help of Latest Techniques. If You Will use These Techniques You will able to Improve Your   Website DA.

Is there Any Question About This Please let me Know In the Comment Section. 


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