Tue. Feb 7th, 2023

Rishabh Pant saves Virat Kohli and India from a glaring mistake, KL Rahul in disbelief as Umesh strike

The ball flew toward Virat Kohli on the first slip. He was evidently not quick to react. The ball bounced off his palm , and then flew toward cricket keeper Rishabh Pant. It was a blessing for Umesh Yadav as well as India, Pant was not as late as Kohli. He was alert to the situation and swung to his left to retrieve the ball.

Umesh Yadav ended Bangladesh openers opposition and provided India the needed breakthrough getting the wicket of Najmul Hossain and Najmul Shanto during the second hour of Day 4 during the first Test at Chattogram. Shanto and Zakir Hadan been able to withstand the relentless Indian bowlers throughout the first half of the session, scoring their 100th 100-plus-run opening stand in 2022. Bangladesh are still far from the target of 513 runs set by India however Shanto and Hasan proved that the hosts will not let it go without a fight.

Umesh appeared to be to be in good form, bowling from the middle of the wicket, was able to straighten the ball to the left-hander on the first ball in the 47th ball of Bangladesh’s 2nd innings. Shanto was a man who displayed excellent control until then but then lost his patience and decided to throw his bat into it to hit the outside edge.


The ball flew into Virat Kohli, who was at the wide first slip. He was clearly slow in reacting. The ball sailed off his palm , and then flew toward cricket keeper Rishabh Pant. For the good of Umesh Yadav as well as India, Pant was not as late as Kohli. Pant was aware of the situation and jumped to his left in order to take the ball. It wasn’t an easy task for him. He was unable to grab it in the first try and had to keep balancing it until it landed in his glove.

The look on KL Rahul’s stand-in captain’s face told the whole story. India urgently needed that wicket, and they could not afford to drop a catch.

Shanto was forced to walk the long trek back to his home after a great game of 68. He was however unhappy with his shot.

After the day was over with a score of 42-0 the pair made it to a century which was the second time in the history of Bangladesh openers within the final test innings.

Shanto increased the third time in Test cricket, scoring fifty from 108 balls, snagging off spinner Ravichandran Ashwin for a single through the off-side. Shanto increased his confidence as he unleashed massive shot to hold India at the tees.

Zakir hit his 50th birthday shortly after and pushed right-arm spinner Axar Patel into mid-field to score one.

Bangladesh were bowled out for just 150 in the first innings in response in India’s 444. India didn’t take the next wicket and declared the second innings to be 258-2 in order in order to give Bangladesh its own record to beat.

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