4 Real Methods to Make Money With Photography Online


Make Money Photography Online

Photography itself a full-time job. Do you want to establish your career as a photographer? Some people do photography as their hobby and passion whereas some people do for their bread and butter. No matter, in which group you are in, but if you want to earn money, you can earn money from photography for sure. 

I am sharing real methods, which can give handsome money. 

Before starting the methods, I would like your focus on Premium Photography. Don’t be a normal photographer, don’t charge less, become a premium photographer. For this, you need to be very serious for Photography Career and you need to join advanced level photography courses. 

People respect and hire a premium photographer. If your clients budget does not allow to hire you as a premium photographer, still they are chances they may hire you in the future. 

Now, let’s move… 

Make Money With Online Photography

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Real Ways to Make Money from Photography

 1. Photography Contest

You Can Participate in world Wide photography contents. Be passionate for photography and ready to learn and win the contest. 

  1. Don’t lose hope.
  2. See your competitor’s work.
  3. Remember, Every winner was a loser. 
  4. You can win Thousands of Dollars. 
  5. Even after participating, your level will be higher from normal photographers.

 2. Stock Photography 

 You can earn 20% to 75% commission and royalty by selling your clicked photographs. You can get your living   hood by selling photography in these photography websites. 

 Some people do 7 to 5 job for their living hood, whereas you get passive income from your one-time clicked   photographs. You need to be very smart and creative to become a premium photographer. It’s not tuff but it needs  a deep desire. 

 Let’s move on websites…

  • Shutter stock –

Registration is free. Shutterstock has paid nearly $500 million in the last 15 years to photographers. You can get a 20% commission on every sale and royalty. The commission can be increased to 25%, 28% and 30% based on your lifetime earnings. You can sell video clips at 30% commission. 

  • Register yourself
  • Read Shutterstock Commission Details 
  •   Gettyimages and iStock – Both the websites are working together. They have more than 200,000 contributors and 1.5 Million customers from 200 countries. They have amatures to full-time photographers in their team. 
  • Start Earn Money Through Shutterstock

How to join Getty images?

Google Play – 

For Apple – 

To Join the team, First Download their app, upload 3 to 6 images. They will review and come back to you. Your age should be 18+

  • Stocksy – You can get a maximum royalty 50% to 75%. They are looking for stock photographers from all over the world.
  • Adobe Stock – You can sell images, vectors, videos and illustrations to adobe stock. You get 33% commission for photographs and vectors, 35% commission on videos. You can get paid through Paypal or Skrill when you cross a threshold limit of $25. 
  • Alamy – Get 40% to 50% commission based on exclusive and non-exclusive images. 

3. Teach Photography Online 

Make a course of photography based on your experience. Register in Udemy.com and start selling your course. 

Before preparing course material, think about, Why people will buy from me?

The answer is simple if you can brand yourself, you can sell. People run behind brands, become brand. 

 How you can become a brand?

  1. Win a contest and share it to all. 
  2. Participate in worldwide forums. 
  3. Publicize yourself as a Premium Photographer into your website and social channels.
  4. Advertise always.

 If a brand teaches, the student takes it seriously. 

 Ways to earn money to teach photography online. 

  1. Sell Course on Udemy.com 
  2. Make your YouTube Photography Channel
  3. Make your Photography blogs 
  4. Write eBooks on Photography Methods and sell into Amazon, Google Books, Smash words, etc.

 4. Freelance Photography 

According to client’s requirements, you can take snaps and videos, and submit to the client to earn money. Freelancing can be a very good way to earn money. I am mentioning some sites here who are looking for photography freelancers. You can see recent freelancer jobs of photography, here the links below. 

This The Best Method For Earning As Freelancer I Believe that Freelance Photography Can Help You While earning Money Through Photography.

Fiverr.com – Here, you can get clients. You can join and show your portfolio. Make a photography gig and start earning money. Fiverr takes little commission on every sale.  On Of The Best Freelancing Website Which people Are using And Earning Money With Fiverr.com. 

UpWork.com- On of The best Website Where you Can Make Your Profile And Get Client From Upwork. This Website Will help You Getting USA, UK Clients.


I have shared 4 Real methods to earn money from photography digitally. If you like the methods, please comment to me and bookmark this page. If you want to know more, please comment me. 



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