Tue. Feb 7th, 2023

The day before, Ashok Gehlot steered his criticism of the ruling party’s internal issues, claiming that the border dispute isn’t so big of a concern.

The day following Congress MP Rahul Gandhi claimed that the government of underplaying the threat from China in a statement that said Beijing was prepping for war, but that Narendra Modi’s government is “sleeping”, Rajasthan Chief Minister and Congress chief of staff Ashok Gehlot today sought to explain Mr. Gandhi’s concerns.

“The crisis is not that a war is going on at the border, but what direction the country is heading in. That is a cause for concern,” said the official, noting that the democratic institutions of the country are being undermined.

Rahul Gandhi made the comment in relation to fresh fighting in the region between Indian as well as Chinese troops on the Line of Actual Control in Arunachal Pradesh in the last week, during the stopover of his pan-India foot marches called the “Bharat Jodo Yatra’, which took place in the Rajasthan region of Dausa and with Ashok Gehlot at his by his side.

Today today, Mr. Gehlot has shifted the critique of his ruling party towards internal issues, claiming that the border dispute isn’t so big of a problem as what he described as an attack against the Indian constitution. Constitution of India.

“Executive, judiciary and other offices have different roles but are part of the same mechanism. Look at the condition of the Enforcement Directorate, Income Tax, Central Bureau of Investigation,” the official said, reiterating the old party’s allegations that the party in power BJP has “weaponized” central agencies to take on opposition parties.

Mr. Gehlot further claimed that the judiciary was being subjugated by the government and even suggested that the Election Commission of India is not operating independently.

“Election Commission held Himachal Pradesh and Gujarat Assembly elections separately, why?” He declared. Congress has previously expressed concerns over the elections normally scheduled to be held in tandem, but being separated this time. The results were expected to be announced in a single announcement.

“The country is going through a huge crisis. The crisis is not that a war is going on at the border. This is more dangerous. Our brave soldiers can fight at the border, the country is capable enough,” said the president. declared, adding, “this crisis will make the country hollow”.

“This is what Rahul Gandhi worries about,” Rahul Gandhi added.

Ashok Gehlot also recalled the welfare policies of his government, stating that they don’t make much noise about it however they’re doing more than BJP has in their states.

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