Fri. Mar 31st, 2023

Taliban terrorists attack Pakistani police chief’s office in Karachi, 4 dead

Karachi Police Chief Javed Odho also confirmed in a tweet that his office was attacked, but said security forces responded violently.

Karachi: Heavily armed Pakistani Taliban fighters stormed the Karachi police chief’s office in the country’s most populous city on Friday, unleashing a barrage that killed two insurgents and two others, the latest brazen attack on security forces amid a surge of terrorist attacks across the country.
The attack took place around 19:10 local time.

A spokesman for the Karachi police confirmed in a statement that the Karachi police chief’s headquarters had been attacked.

Karachi Police Chief Javed Odho also confirmed in a tweet that his office was attacked, but said security forces responded violently.

Senior DIG South Police Officer Irfan Baloch said two insurgents, a police officer and a civilian, were killed in the clash.

He said six other people, including four police officers, were also injured.

“Some activists entered from the back of the building, while two in police uniforms entered through the front door,” he said.
He said police surrounded the terrorists inside the building and evacuated one floor of the building.

“There are still about six terrorists in the building,” he said.

The fearsome Pakistani Taliban terrorist group claimed responsibility for the attack.

The terrorists first threw half a dozen hand grenades into the main office complex of the Karachi Police Chief’s Office and then broke into the premises.

“There was a violent exchange of fire between the paramilitary guards, the police, and the attackers. All mobile vans in and around the neighborhood were urgently called to the scene to surround the attackers, a police source said.

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